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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Due to the magnitude and gravity of the problem of black magic there is not one but several guidelines which need to be followed in order escape from the clutches of the black magicians. I have discussed earlier the importance of a multi-dimensional, holistic treatment to cure black magic.

Ideally though, people should not wait for something untoward to happen to them so that they start following the regimen which can thwart the black magician’s plans. Unfortunately, this is what happens usually and by the time people identify their problem, it is quite late. Awareness about this problem can rise amongst people only through Islamic teachings. The Holy Quran has thrown light on this problem in several verses. So it is a pity that some people are oblivious about black magic even today, although it is being practiced since ancient times, while some others take much pride in rubbishing it since it cannot be proved scientifically.

Though there are quite a few remedial measures for curing black magic, yet the one which is of prime importance is being a pious Muslim. This is quite apparent because if the victim lacks faith, if he does not believe in the power of prayers and if he is not religiously inclined then how can he fight this battle alone? In the battle between the victim and his opponent, the victim needs to be alert all the time and he needs to understand his opponent’s weak points. He also has to dodge the opponent to protect himself, when necessary. The victim can adopt a winning strategy only when he has faith in Allah (swt) and he follows Islam devotedly. If the victim is more inclined towards worldly affairs such as music, dancing, movies or else if he is addicted to smoking, drugs, porn etc then he will become a very easy target for his enemy. Fighting back an enemy who is using black magic against you requires you to follow an Islamic way of life in order to build up your spiritual power. Otherwise even the spiritual healer will not be able to help you completely if you fall prey to Satan’s schemes easily. When you consult a doctor then apart from medicines he prescribes, he may advise you to abstain from certain foods and also advises you about some lifestyle changes, which can help you to recuperate quickly. However, if you do not co-operate with the physician and ignore his advice then possibly your ailment will persist for a long time. Similarly, the spiritual healer whom you consult will also perform certain amals on your behalf. Apart from that he will advise you to take certain precautions and also advise you to avoid skipping the obligatory Salaah, Quranic recitation etc. If the victims are religious-minded then it will be easier for them to co-operate with the spiritual healer, thereby, accelerating their recovery process. 

As I had mentioned earlier, the war between the victim and the black magician requires a lot of vigilance on the part of the victim. Firstly, the victim needs to identify his adversary/adversaries. It is up to him whether he does this on his own or through a spiritual healer. Next, the victim needs to understand the motive of his enemy. If the victim knows about it then half the battle is won. Lastly, the plan or strategy used by the enemy should be clear. Otherwise it will become quite difficult to make a counter plan to deal with the adversary. For example: the victim should be aware whether his enemy is casting a spell on him through food or whether the enemy has cast a spell on him by using his hair, clothes, nail clippings etc. In the first case, the victim should strictly avoid eating food offered to him by his enemies otherwise it becomes very difficult for any spiritual healer to cure the victim completely. The jinnat enter the body of the victims each time they ignorantly eat food which has been laced with black magic. The more often the victims commit this grave error, the easier will it become for the jinnat to gain a stronghold within their body. In the second case, the object on which the spell has been cast needs to be found and destroyed as it happened in the case of Labid bin Asam, a Jew, who had cast a spell on Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) hair strands. Ultimately, his hair, a few teeth of his comb were found hidden along with a string which had eleven knots on it.

The treatment strategy of black magic depends on the severity of the black magic problem. As I have mentioned earlier, the victim can either have a single opponent or more than one. The motive of his opponents can either be less harmful or quite dreadful- such as killing the victim or ruining him financially. Once the severity of the problem has been identified then the victim can decide for himself whether he wants to follow the formula for breaking the black magic hex completely or partially. It is also up to him to decide whether he needs professional help or whether self-treatment would suffice in his case. The ground rule is that the victims should not show laxity of any kind if they are facing a grave or persistent black magic problem.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...


I strongly believe there's presence of negativity in my home. My mother is seriously ill at this moment. All the symptoms you've mentioned are present. Pls. help me, as being a Hindu follower, I don't know anything about the sacred 'Quran'.

Pls help me urgently.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alaikum dear br Amel Soname I hope and pray you are in the best of health.

I have recently come across your blog through internet research and am learning a lot from your postings mashallah.

As in the subject I and my family are experiencing and have been experiencing a number of difficulties for some time unfortunately.

I should mention we are in the UK.

I have a disability and am completely blind.

Your blogs have explained so much for me mashallah.

I will explain my and my family full difficulties but after reading a blog from you earlier concerning revenge I am interested please.

As in one instance recently a student at a nother university who I have had minimal contact with and only through a friend who was studying there over the phone to support them with some technical issues.

I was reluctant to make contact but felt at the time after learning the individuals laptop was not working and they were in the middle of exams and a fellow muslim I would try to help. We didn’t manage to solve the issue.

Since I learnt that this individual has been widely discrediting me by calling my friend and others that know me to tell them that I visit clubs and am a drunk yet present myself as a good muslim.

I was truly shocked as I have faults and have never imposed on anyone and have never drunk alcohol or gone to a club despite having the opportunities.

I felt this individual was trying to break my friendship with my friendand this has had a big impact.

She insisted she had proof all through contacting my friend and when I demanded her to present it as I knew there was no such thing she started trying to blame others for this.

She refused to apologize to me despite having the opportunity.

It was clear what she was attempting to discredit me in the eyes of many people which she tried.

Can I take revenge for this would you say?

As these are horrific insulting statements against me.

I am not able to pray regularly at the moment due to some other issues so am not able to do anything myself.

What would you advise Amel Soname sahib. I very much look forwards to your response and explaining further my full situation sadly. Please keep me in your duas.

Your brother in Islam

Asma said...

Salam I think someone did black magic or shir on I have some symptoms from black magic they are
1) headache feel like someone is pusing
2) I feel like im going to die soon
3) I hate my self
4) I become lazy
5) I don't pray namaz at all
6) hair fall
7) mind blocked I don't want to do anything just lay down
8)acne on face appear
9)heaviness in head
10) weak memory
11) I had pain in teeth
12)) lost interst in studying

Anonymous said...

asalaamualaikum,ive been knocked over by heavy black magic but alhamdulillah through ruqyah im some what better,ive lost all my money and lost my(divorced) wife 2months ago through black magic after almost 9years of marriagge.we were very happy but in the last 4months before she left it was like she turned into a monster,i really miss her alot and have no idea where shes staying. I just cant get help anywhere,myself and my ex-wife used to love one another immensley but now all is gone like a bad dream.infact its been told to me that the person who done this to us loves my wife and wanted me dead.PLEASE can i get help to get her back.

Arman said...


How are you brother, hope all is well. I have been following your multiple blogs and all the articles that you have written about various topics. I have decided that I would like to pursue becoming an Amal, however I seek a teacher who can show me the right path and assist me with guidance. I currently live in the United States, and have been on the receiving end of black magic in the past, so I am aware of the evil which people commit. I want to bring good into this world and seek knowledge, for this reason I wish to find a teacher to become and Amal.

Can you help me?

Anonymous said...


My wife has a problem of uncontrolled & Irregular menstruation since last 3.5 years after delivering a baby boy. Doctor said she has a hormonal problem for which she is taking medicine. At the time of treatment everything is looks like normal but when the medicine is break, the problem starts again. We both pay 5 time namaz regularly. Please help me and tell us what to do and what is the problem actually it is? and tell us the treatment also. What is the ruqyah i have to pay for the treatment? You can contact me if you want.

Hardi said...

Dear Brother in Islam, Asalamu Alaikum, Hardi from
northern Ghana, west africa.
i graduated from the Tamale Polytechnic from 2013 and up to now i am
still jobless. Fortunately, i had a two friends (penfriends) in USA
and UK and i have been seeking financial help from them but no any
improvement at all from them.
Please Brother in islam help me with a taweez that can control their
minds for me. Over here in Ghana life is not easy. We are suffuring
too much. I want the help from them to enable me to start doing
business . I beg of you in the name of Allah dont ignore me. Help me
for (Allah ) sake. Asalamu Alaikum. Hardi

Anonymous said...

Hello, I came across your website when I was searching for Muslim healers. I am in a very desperate situation that my life depends on and I was wondering if you can help me actually reverse the damage I am suffering with on a daily basis for the past 3 years. I had to undergo mastectomy surgery due to gynecomastia and ended up with nerve injury possibly in the intercontinental nerves. This painful suffering is unfortunately not only located in the surgical site but it goes all the way throughout my left arm including the hand with burning pain and extreme weakness. There is always the constant pain directly in my armpit and I am not able to cope with this pain anymore. I already tried many methods from different categories but I didn't get healed despite fully believing. Could you please help me in the name of Allah?

Muhammad said...


Sir my name is Muhammad and I am very worried about my personal life now because of the things that have happened in the past years or so. Sir my engagement was done back in 2014 and as soon as shaadi about to happen it broke because we found out the girl side was Marzai where our family don’t connect because we are Sunni. Then my nikkah was done in 2016 and in 2017 it broke before rukhsati for some stupidest and unvaluable reasons and I was really shocked why it went like this. Then I got married in 2018 and it’s barely 6 months into marriage the girl left for some again unvaluable circumstances which has no value. Now my shaadi is about to be end. I don’t really know what’s going on in my life, Alhamdulillah I am all good, and what’s happening in my life it’s not looking right. Because every time my family tried get me married something happens and now I am married and the girl family took the girl with them for some baseless reasons. I don’t know if someone has done something wrong to me or what, no clue!

Thanks for listening to my story.

nazia said...

Assalam - alikum,

Sir, Iam suffering from Migrane sever attacks from last 15yrs, and recently from last 2yrs I got Rhematoid Arthritis , Iam 35yrs old and feeling very bad as this is all the time painful and iam not able to do basic normal work and pray salah with sujood.

I have been doing various wazifas and trying to be connected to Allah , little bit improvement is seen but its not going forever.

usually i get dreams of dirty places with stools in public toilet. Iam unable to undestand that whether iam going to spend all my life with such pain in my body and disability.

kindly tell me what iam suppose to do.