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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

The issue of black magic is a not a simple one. Therefore, we need to adopt a multi-dimensional approach for quelling this problem. Black magic can lead to both psychiatric as well as physical problems. So a simple approach will not suffice. Suppose a person’s happiness has been blocked through black magic then the person may get frequent bouts of depression. Such a person can be cured through a combination of spiritual healing as well as psychiatric treatment to help him tide over depression completely. In another case, if a black magician casts a spell on the health of the victim then the victim needs both spiritual as well as medical help. Sometimes, during the spiritual treatment the healer has to deal with stubborn jinnat who possess the victim and who are not willing to spare the victim easily. So the evil jinnat inflict pain upon the victim so that he surrenders before them and leaves the spiritual treatment half way through. During such instances the spiritual healers advise the victim to take painkillers. So generally speaking, black magic creates a complicated situation and for dealing with this situation the victim needs a holistic treatment rather than a unilateral approach.
In the subsequent posts, I shall be highlighting the various options which are meant to cure black magic. Through the Holy Quran and the ahadith Allah (swt) has prescribed various prayers and some other methods, which if followed religiously, can help us to cure black magic. However, just like a unilateral approach cannot help us to solve a complicated issue, likewise we cannot expect great results by just following a single remedy for breaking the black magic hex. One needs to follow a foolproof regimen which does not give your opponent, i.e. the black magician any opportunity to attack you or to control you.
In my next posts Inshallah I shall pinpoint the main factors which will help you to achieve that perfect regimen, which can make you black magic proof.
As long as this world goes on Satan will continue to entice people and with the help of his followers he will keep trying to harm innocent people through the black magic tricks. Since Satan will not surrender before the people who have faith in Allah (swt), till the end of this world, so the pious amongst us should also not surrender before Satan. Lastly, though we cannot stop our enemies from plotting against us and casting spells on us with the help of black magicians, yet, we can certainly seek Allah (swt)’s protection against black magic. My next posts will deal with the ways by which we should seek Allah (swt)’s help and protection.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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