Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Before I start discussing about the healing methods I would like you to ponder about another relevant matter. To illustrate the point which I wish like to discuss here I will give a hypothetical example. Suppose there are two men A and B who suffer from the same dreadful disease-cancer. Do you suppose that if they were to visit a cancer hospital then the doctors would give both of them the same treatment, since they both suffer from the same type of cancer? No! The only thing which may be common between both the patients is that they suffer from the same ailment. However, as far as the treatment is concerned there are several other factors which the doctors may have to look into before they finally chalk out a treatment strategy. Patient A may be suffering from an early-stage cancer whereas the patient B may be suffering from the fourth or the last stage of cancer. Even if both the patients were suffering from a less severe disease then in that case also, their treatment would vary according to different factors such as their case history, age, family medical history etc.

In other words, each individual needs a tailor-made treatment instead of a general one, for a speedy recovery.

Likewise, though two people may be suffering from black magic yet there can be differences galore. For example, whereas one victim may have only a single enemy but the other one may have a plenty of people in his life who are his sworn enemies. Even if both the victims had just a single enemy, yet differences can arise in this case as well. The enemy of victim A may be after him relentlessly, i.e. he will go on inflicting black magic on victim A continuously till he feels that he has taken revenge or that he has destroyed A completely. On the other hand, the enemy of victim B may get tired after a while and may give up.
So the intensity and the nature of the black magic problem can vary between different victims. Moreover, some people are more spiritual then others. So there are chances that they will not be as adversely affected by black magic spells than those victims who do not possess a spiritual nature.
Some of the victims face the problem of black magic till a short span of time in their life whereas there are some whose problem spans over several decades. Sometimes black magic continues in families- generation after generation. If the black magic hex is not broken by a spiritual healer then it may continue to afflict a family and its successors to the third and fourth generations.
In a nutshell, no two cases of black magic can be identical so their treatment strategies also need to be tailor-made so that the victim gets relief faster.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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Is it possible to provide your contact details so that my family can contact you for the purpose of removing black magic for us?

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