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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Black magic can be defined as an ailment which cannot be cured by any medicine, unlike other ailments, because of its spiritual nature. It is a spiritual ailment which is thrust upon the victim in order to harm him through spiritual entities (jinnat). Black magic is done stealthily, quite similar to the contract killings. In the case of a contract killing, the contractor secretly hires a killer and pays him handsomely to get the victim killed. Likewise, in the case of a black magic assault, the victim’s enemy may hire a black magic practitioner and tell him to harm the victim in whichever way he prefers. Since the black magic practitioners are devoid of any faith in Allah (swt) so they do are not reluctant even if they are asked to kill an innocent victim. In the case of contract killing, the contractor or the killer stand a chance of getting caught and punished by law. Unfortunately, in the case of black magic, the tantriks (black magic practitioners), usually get away scot- free. Though their crime is not a minor one yet they are not brought to book, usually, due to lack of enough proof. The Islamic law states that anyone who is caught practicing black magic should be killed. It is reported from Hazrat Umar (ra) that he wrote, “Kill every sorcerer and sorceress”. Unfortunately, it happens only once in a blue moon that someone gets caught red-handed practicing black magic and gets punished. In most of the places occult crimes go unnoticed, except for Saudi Arabia, where black magic is an offence punishable by law. 

The history of black magic is almost as old as the human civilization. It is a well known fact that that the first murder which took place on earth was of Habil, the son of Adam (as) and Hawwa (as) who was killed by his own brother Qabil. Though we cannot pinpoint any particular incidence in human history where black magic was practiced for the first time ever, nevertheless, we have a rough idea that black magic has a quite long history. The Holy Quran has mentioned in Surah Al-Araaf that during the rein of Firaun, black magic was very common in the society. Hazrat Moosa (as) had confronted the black magicians of Firaun and he had defeated them by them by the Grace of Allah (swt). This gives us a fair idea that black magic is being practiced almost since the dawn of mankind.

Our dear Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) had also been inflicted with black magic during his lifetime by Lubaid bin Al-Aasim. It was after this incident that Allah (swt) had revealed to the Holy Prophet Surah Falak and Surah Naas. These two Quranic verses protect the one who reads them from black magic. Apart from these two verses there are some other spiritual remedies as well which can help the victim to overcome the problem of black magic. 
In the subsequent posts, I shall Inshallah explain about all the remedies of black magic, in a lucid way, so that the victims can easily find their way out of this labyrinth.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

Assalamoualoaikoum Brother,

Me and my husband and 5 children 4-14 yrs are very sick. Jadoo have been repeatedly done on us from marriage until now. Especially, 2014, we were so sick and all our life were completely blocked all through. We were treating but it never destroyed the main magic only the small one and it gets repeated. My husband does not believe we have inflictions, despite he sees all of us and his little children suffering. They are using needles, doll, and buried us into grave repeatedly. It is due to jealously as you know and we did nothing to anybody.

Please madad kar, and break all the magics, and removes the jinns from grave, soul, devils in us and our house. We are all alone here in Canada. We left Mauritius long time, as magic were involved on us 20 years back and it never leaves us. Please check where all these magics are coming from and from same source and destroy them, the magicians are constantly repeating. I myself very sick this week, I am finding myself buried with needles daily pinning on me. Husband is blind, do not feel or see anything and children as well.

Ahmad said...

Dear Amel,
I am Ahmad from Afghanistan 32 years old. Since I remember when I was 10 years I was trying stay away from other men and women boys and girls feeling to much shame to face them, one day some of our relatives came to our house i was in side the room they sat in the hall then my mother told me to come out side greet them but I could not do it, I tried a lot to do it but then I would think how can I face them I was feeling shame embarrass then they left after six hours and i came out side, it happened 20 years ago and has been happening then every day. When a room is full of men or women I can not enter it because i think they will shame me or embarks me therefore i remain away from social life. Next every night see strange people in night dreams, dogs, people who want to kill me, or lost of snakes in the mountain.. it has been going on since i was teen in other words since i remember it. Next I have the weakest body actually i am mentally and physically disable thin bones, more thin then a women, forget things as soon as possible, lose money, worst luck, talking to my self, can not face women, men, boys or girls it cause difficulties for me to have a social life or work with a team, so a result my father, brother and other call me women because i am far and far away from social life, spend all the time all alone in the room with sadness and hopeless from life think i am incomplete the fact i am, i see much more differences in my self in compare to others phisically and mentally. Next i have bad mouth smell even worst after constant cleaning it. Next i went to as many doctors as possible but it never help they even not understand.Next i spend hours and hours for sleeping even if i sleep for 40 hours it is never enough for me when i see strange nightmares it causes more problems for me. Next i feel i am in the darkest hole and no one can hear me nor there is a chance for me to return to a normal life i can not tell it my families so far, when i weak up then i feel too much tired and seek again sleeping. In 2008 i went to a religious scholar who was always in my mind and heart a fat 50 years old person with big hair and black face c lost people go there for treatment much more famous, when i entered to his house he was sat on the chair i respected him and told him that i have such problems. He said you are very smart person that you recognize these problems and came to me then he give me something wrote on a papare to drink it for 2 weak it then refer back to me, at that time i felt that i got out from the hole where i spend tow decades and Allah give me a new life with help of this holly person but my mind, heart and whole body become active i felt freedom but it was never permanent then two weeks later i came to that person again he told me to stay here for some nights and days in order for u to get better i accepted i thought he will return me to a normal life, during my staying particularly during night the nightmares has increased much more increased that person would come and treat me in nightmare as a result i lost my job and the situation got more worst i became to smoke hashish and started more bad habits he would tell me you will get better soon he could control my my mind body and knew everything i did and sometimes he would get angry at me i could not respond because he was much more powerful then i was finally i isolated my self from he called me and said if u are not respect me and not come to me your illness will get worse i told him i lost my job because up u my illness got worse because up u i became drag addicted because up u since them my life got worst and worst now i realize that he is the one who destroyed my life from the very beginning. Please let me know about my problem.

Anonymous said...

Asalamualikum.. sir I went thru your blog Marsha Allah indeed very help .. May Allah reward u for your good work.. I m in deep trouble I need your help .. Pls help me out with this.. my husband was a very loving person he loved me a lot and were very happy in our life we have two kids allahumdulillah .. But now things have changed he got into an affair with some girl .. Pls show me away how can I break this bond and also in the nyt he behave or does it like having sex with some .. He kisses he laugh he body is completely tight he does not allow me near him .. if i go near him he get angry and shouts pushes me off .. if i ask him for reason he has no answer to it.. He hates even I'm around him .. He does want to spend time with me .. He stay far away from me .. so I have started with your iml to treatment for sihr of separation... can u pls help with the nyt thing what it is ?? Is it a jinn that he is possessed or it's black magic or wat?? Pls help with a solution with help of Quran ... I will be very grateful to u .. Pls pls pls revert very soon ..
Thank you.. Allah hafiz

winki said...

Salaam wale Kum,
I am a Hindu girl and had a Boyfriend for 6 yrs who promised me to marry me. But he left me for another girl few days back. Please help me getting Him back. I will be thankful to you for the lifetime . If there are any charges also I will pay .

Amani said...

Salam, I'm a sophomore in high school and I was very insecure about my body hair so I went to the internet to find a solution to my problem. I found a YouTube video that claimed that if I listened to it that my body hair would go away. A few monthes after listening to the video I started experience severe pain in my head that got so bad I've had to homeschool and I'm still in severe pain. I've gone to doctors and they have found my brain waves were all messed up and I still think it was from the video even though my parents don't agree. I've been listening to Rukyah everyday but I'm still experiencing severe pain and dealing with a lot of guilt for what I did. I think the video was a form of black magic. What should I do? Thanks so much, Amani

Sajid said...

Salam Alaikum Amel.

I have been reading on your website and it is very informative to the point. However I would like to practice some science of Ramal and Jaffr together with other sciences. I may need a physical presence of a guide or a teacher?

Is there any chance I can have your number?

Sarah said...

assalamualikum.little while back it seemed like someone was conttolling my body and thoughts ( jinn). but my parents refused to brlieve and forcefully started my psychistric treatment. i feel trapped. at that time i had few good propossls for marriage. i lost those propossls due to this situation. my parents are hiding few things from me regarding this situation and those propossls now. can u confirm my doubt. there was a lot going on in my life. my sister died due to suicide after black magic. my brother suffered cancer. my parents are old. i dont want to be psychiatric patient due to magic.