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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

It is said that a problem identified is a problem half-solved. Unfortunately, umpteen cases of black magic go unidentified. The outcome is that innocent people suffer from irrevocable loss of property, wealth and even lives. Why does cancer often get detected only during the last stage? It is simply because those who suffer from it ignore the signs of its onset. There are several warning signs of every disease but people usually ignore them. This is the reason why the disease gets a chance to grow and spread. Likewise, black magic also has many signs and symptoms. If these signs and symptoms are detected at an early stage then curing this spiritual problem becomes easier for a spiritual healer. It is rightly said that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. However, if the signs are ignored over a long period of time then the black magic spell gets a chance to grow stronger. Gradually the noose tightens around the victim due to his unawareness and sooner or later the victim gets deformed into a mere puppet in the hands of the tantrik/ black magic practitioner. The victim ends up as a helpless person whose remote control is in the hands of the tantrik. The latter can make him do whatever his client has ordered him to do. This pathetic situation arises mainly due to negligence and unawareness on part of the victim. It may also arise due to the negative trait of escapism due to which the victim considers it better to ignore the problem altogether instead of facing it head on.

A question arises that why do people often overlook the issue of black magic and destroy their freewill, peace of mind, thereby, making their lives miserable? Well, to find the answer to this question we will have to consider the three categories of people, depending on their outlooks.
The first group comprises of people who are mature, worldly-wise and discerning. They try to learn from the mistakes and experiences of other people.
The second group consists of those people who are not smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others. Rather they make mistakes in their lives and then learn fro their own mistakes.
The third group consists of people who do not bother to learn from their own past mistakes.

How many people do we find around us who seem to belong to the first group? There might be many but not as many as those who belong to the third and the fourth groups. This is the main problem why so many cases of black magic go undetected. We find around ourselves several cases of people who have been afflicted with black magic. However, very few people bother to learn something from the experience of others and become vigilant themselves. There are lots of people who simply brush aside this topic as being irrational and baseless. This is a totally wrong notion because if a fact has been mentioned in the Holy Quran umpteen times then how can anyone simply not take notice of it. We know that the subject of black magic has been brought up in several verses of the Holy Quran.

Therefore, the first method of tackling the problem of black magic is to change our mind-set. We should try to understand the truth that like murders, sodomy and other grisly crimes which take place in the society black magic is also a crime. S we should strive to protect ourselves from this occult crime just like we try to protect ourselves from other crimes.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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