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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Up to now I have discussed about the various ways of self treatment. Depending upon the severity of black magic, all or at least some of the important remedies should be followed regularly, if the victims wish to protect themselves. The need to seek professional help to deal with the black magician arises often, especially in the severe and chronic cases. Just like we need food supplements sometimes to make up for the dietary inadequacies, likewise we need professional help to get a complete treatment. Our efforts for fighting back black magic can lack consistency, maybe due to an illness or high work pressure. However, if there is a spiritual healer to support us then we will have someone whom we can fall back on. There are several ways in which seeking help from a powerful spiritual healer can prove to be beneficial for the victim, such as:

When the victims place their case in the hands of a spiritual healer they are, in a way, releasing their tensions. They will find someone with whom they can share their problems with and they will not find themselves in a position where they may have to lick their wounds alone.
The spiritual healer keeps looking up his client’s case, every now and then, so they know what is going on. In case, they find that an enemy is ready to attack again or if a new enemy has cropped up then they can get ready in advance to deal with the situation. This assures that the victims do not have to worry endlessly and feel insecure because the spiritual healer keeps a strict check on their enemies.    
The spiritual healer, who has performed a plethora of amals, may possess a lot of spiritual power through which he can fight back the multitude of jinnat which the black magicians keep sending forth. This is not an easy task but since the healer is specially trained for bringing the evil jinnat to book, therefore he manages to do it quite easily as compared to the victim, who does not even have the faintest idea about the power of the black magician. The black magicians have thousand of evil jinnat at their beck and call and to make matters worse there is an underlying unity between all the evil entities. So if, suppose, a black magician falls short of jinnat then the other evil jinnat will join hands with the black magician to help him in his fight against the victim.
The spiritual healer tries to protect the house of the victim from psychic attacks through hissar and by providing the protection of the Moakkils.
The victims may have a plethora of tasks on hand, such as doing a job, rearing children, looking after sick, household chores, to name just a few. This will leave them with less time for self-treatment. So a busy schedule and family life can make it difficult for the victim to juggle between his work, responsibilities and the self-treatment of black magic. If there is a spiritual healer around then the victim can get a breather. 

In the black magic treatment, the best results can be achieved by combining self-help with professional help. This is because if there are sworn enemies on the prowl then it is better to leave no stones unturned in seeking Allah (swt)’s protection.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


faryal said...

I hope you are in great health. I and my husband both are in great distress. No matter how much we try, our condition is getting worse. As if our luck has been twisted. All opportunities of life come by, and ends badly for us, I have even lost the count of car accidents that my husband has since last year summer. Everyone around us is even shocked at how can so many accidents happen. Literally it’s every week. We are in debt from head to toe. My husband has a good career that people here dream of but we can barely survive. My husband is even unable to financially support his mother in our home country. The conditions have got so worse that my husband is almost suicidal and talks of ending his life. When talking to his mother, my husband told her his condition and asked her to pray for us. Yesterday my husband talked to her after many days and she told him that his sister went to someone, we don’t know who, and was told that someone has done black magic on them. We don’t harm people, always helpful and kind. We are just living our life and trying to survive. It hurts to know that people can’t see us happy in our life.
Please help us on how to find out the person, the taweez/amulets of black magic and diffuse it’s effect on us.
It would be such a great help. Somebody asked my husband sister for money to do that but since we are financially worse, we cannot afford that.
May God return you in form of greater rewards for your help.
Thank you

mehboob said...

Slms my name is mehboob from south africa I need assistance to get rif of blockages at work and remove hasad and evil plotsby my enemies I’m very sick having severe pain in body especially in eyes and head I strongly suspect sihr done in toilet outside the shop I work with non muslims plz checck and advise shukran jazakallah

rahim said...

Salamwalikam rahamatula barkatu

I am newly converted Muslim

I am and my parents are facing black magic please help to solve my problem
My father is totally bed seak he is unable to wakeup and take lunch or dinner and go to bathroom.
My mother become very weak she also facing lot of problems .
My name rahim
One jinn is giving trouble to me in dreams to do not go masjid for namaz.
And that jinn told me in dreams he has head of group to me

Anonymous said...

Assalmo Allaikam

Brother I am from Bradford.

My 18 years old daughter has some serious issues relating to black magic and jinn for the past 10 months now.

She could not perform her Salah, cannot keep fasting and do not even let us recite Quran or talk anything religious near her.

She gets either faint straight away when we talks religion or recite Quran or the jinn beat her too much.

She says the jinn give her unbearable physical and emotional pain by taking burning rod into her stomach and throat.

She then starts choking and her crying and screaming become unbearable for her and even us to watch.

If she lies on bed, then fall over on the floor and her stomach and whole body shaking non stop and her screaming reaches even out of the house.

We have seem all local imam and many scholars and Amels, we need your help as everybody says the jinn is brought in her body by black magic,

but nobody is able to remove it and relieve her. She says that someone done magic on her

If you are in UK, We are in terrible situation and our family and other kids now suffering. She is unable to read Kalima or read prayers or even

take Allah name and nothing religion related. Please inform how we can

Zahida said...

Dear Amil sahib
I need your help on mind control,I feel like most of the time someone is scraping the wall of my brains it hurts really badly.
Then I will feel dizzy and have a really bad headache,I would hear voices talking that she is doing this ,we should,t let her,ir she isn,t allowed to.
Over the time in life I find praying namaz ver difficult,to the point I can,t get up if I did I would get this horrible pain in my back to the point I can feel my hip has been or being twisted.
Now its ramzan Sharif ,I haven,t been able to pray namaz, fasting,or the Quran Pak.
Everyday is a struggle for me to stay alive.i feel I have lost the will for everything.
I can,t complete any tasked ,my head goes numb,and the voices will come and say I will destroy you.
Please do something about my mind control..
Thank you